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NEW - Shakey Head Bundle
NEW - Shakey Head Bundle
NEW - Shakey Head Bundle
NEW - Shakey Head BundleNEW - Shakey Head Bundle

NEW - Shakey Head Bundle



Our Bundles collection combines hand picked baits and colors to perfectly pair them for exactly how we love to use them! The bundles offer added savings and convenience of selecting baits for you! 

This Bundle includes our top selling Dizzy Diamond Colors! 

The Shakey Head Bundle includes:

1 pk - Sprayed Grass - Dizzy Diamonds 

1 pk - Alabama Craw - Dizzy Diamonds

1 pk - Magic Craw - Dizzy Diamonds

1 pk - Black & Blue - Dizzy Diamonds

1 pk - Green Pumpkin - Dizzy Diamonds

1 pk - GP Magic - Dizzy Diamonds

1 pk - 3/16oz - Green Pumpkin Shakey Heads

1 pk - 1/4oz - Green Pumpkin Shakey Heads

$42.99 - ($47.92 Sold Separately)

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