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The Dream Maker Bundle
The Dream Maker Bundle
The Dream Maker Bundle
The Dream Maker BundleThe Dream Maker Bundle

The Dream Maker Bundle




Like many of us, Louis Monetti had the DREAM to achieve a child hood dream of fishing the Bassmaster classic! With the odds against him in many ways with size/condition of his boat and limited electronics he proved that all that doesn't matter. This year, he accomplished his dream in the college series! Doing so means he's the one and only angler to represent all of college fishing in the Super Bowl of our sport, the Bassmaster Classic! 


Louis is a pivotal part of what we do here at Bizz. He's been working with us for about 2 years now. If there's a bait you've gotten from us, there's a good chance his hands helped make it! He's not only a great team member but known as even a better friend around the shop. 


Louis wanted to team up and offer a bundle that reflects the baits he loves to use and has had the most success with - now available in a convenient bundle referred to as - 'The Dream Maker Bundle'. 


Check it out, it'll be sure to help you have the confidence and success on the water like they have for Louis as well! 

The Dream Maker  Bundle includes:

- True South Vtwin Frame Buzz Bait 

1 pk - White Cutters ( to pair with buzz bait)

1 - 1/2oz True South Fat Head Flippin' Jig in GP Brown

1 pk - Cutter Craws in Alabama Craw ( to pair with the Fathead) 

1 - 3/8oz True South Rockstar Jig in GP Brown

1 pk - Baby Bizz Bugs in Brown Pumpkin ( to pair with Rockstar)

1 - 1/2oz True South Tandem Spinnerbait in Glimmer Ghost

1 pk - 5.5" Sassy Sticks in GP Magic 

1 pk - 5.5" Sassy Sticks in Black


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