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About Bizz Baits

Bizz Baits is a soft plastic lure company that manufactures individually hand crafted baits aimed for bass fishing here in the United States. Every bait is made and packaged by people and never a machine. What started as a business plan in a college marketing class soon developed into a reality, deeply rooted in a great deal of respect and passion for the sport of bass fishing.

All the baits we offer have taken endless hours of studying and thought for each of their unique actions. We matched that time dedicating our resources to test every type of bait to perfection. The result is professionally designed, top of the line baits that keep you and the bass hooked.

The variety between color, shape and design of our lures allows for bassin’ in any situation that is sure to keep you reeling in quality fish. Bass fishing is a lifestyle, and no one knows that better than we do here at Bizz Baits. We believe that in order to sell a bait to our customers, our passion behind our products must be apparent. We are confident that you will find just that in each and every individually crafted lure.

So with that, thank you for your visit. We hope to enrich your bass fishing with our quality assured baits.