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Bull Frog

Bull Frog

$5.99  |  5 per bag

This soft plastic bait has incredible kicking action and a realistic frog profile. The hook hiding belly slot allows the Pad Daddy to become exceptionally weedless without the need to skin hook it. As a result, you don’t need to worry about digging the hook into your lure, which guarantees a great hook-up.

The Pad Daddy has a feature we like to call, “Correct Swim Technology.” The Pad Daddy, when rigged correctly, can never roll over on to its back due to the design of the belly. It has a rounded belly for two reasons: first, so the bait planes up to the water surface faster than your traditional frog baits. Secondly, and arguably most important, The Pad Daddy always stays belly down [or right side up] during retrieves. Unlike most traditional frog baits, which you can’t control whether they run upside down or not. When your frog runs upside down and a bass blows up on it, you will not catch that fish. The Pad Daddy now eliminates that problem altogether to make sure you land more fish.

So tie it up, and watch the water explode! This lure will keep you asking your prized bass, “Who’s your Daddy?”